Investors Forum - Intro


Public companies of all sizes are presenters. CEO’s, CFO’s or Investment Relations Officers generally speak on behalf of their companies.

Investors Forum individualizes invitations for each company and sends invitations to key members of the investment community - including retail stockbrokers, portfolio managers, institutional investors, investment counselors, analysts and money managers. Emphasis is on a quality audience. Meeting size varies but averages 30 to 40 attendees.

Luncheon meetings are held at private clubs or hotels convenient to the city's financial district. A typical luncheon begins at 11:45am and officially ends at 1pm (although interested persons can remain later for additional discussion). Investor kits are distributed to each attendee. Lunch is typically served shortly after Noon with the presentation beginning around 12:15pm. With a typical presentation lasting 30 or so minutes, there is ample time for Q & A. Investors Forum supplies the company representative with an accurate attendee list.